Kiara-AdvaniKiara Advani’s latest video might have caught the attention for the fact that Kiara has unapologetically chopped off her long tresses just for the sake that she wasn’t able to take care of long hair given to her busy schedule.

Though the act was cute and the way she looked cooler sporting short hair made her fans not feel bad for Kiara’s act of chopping off her beautiful tresses; the other thing that caught the attention was her rap song while chopping her hair.

Rap came quite naturally for her that had lyrics talking about the reason why she chose to cut her hair short. The lyrics were probably written by her, and of course the rhythm must have come quite naturally. Looks like, this side of Kiara remained unexplored till date, and if she desires to do so, the music directors would like to try.

She is anyway a good dancer, and that we have seen in the recent special number she did in ‘Kalank’ and a solo dance number with Shahid Kapoor. We would like to see her croon for a proper single in the near future. What say?