Twinkle Khanna Mistook Son Sibi Sathyaraj for Kattappa SathyarajMrs. Funnybones Twinkle Khanna says she is obsessed with Kattappa’s performance in Baahubali. After watching Baahubali 2 with the family, she took to twitter and started to shower praises on Sathyaraj tagging him.

Oops! but it is not Sathyaraj whom she tagged on twitter, she mistook Sibi Sathyaraj, Sathyaraj’s son and tagged him in her tweets of Baahubali 2. This giggled many along with Sibi and herself. She wrote, “Sir you were marvelous -we have seen part 1 and 2 in succession today -congratulations on the resounding success.”

Sibi replied to her tweet Thanking her and informed her that he is not Kattappa but the son of Kattappa. Well, Twinkle is really obsessed with Kattappa where she started to call her Daughter Nitara as Kattappa!. Obviously, Baahubali makes everyone fall for it. What say?