tubelight Trailer TalkWhen the teaser of the movie Tubelight released, we said that everything depends on the director otherwise there would have been heavy criticism. Once again the director comes to rescue.

The touch of the director Kabir Khan is evident from the first frame. His hold on the content is what makes one interested in the content and helps in developing an interest for the movie. However, the obvious comparison with Bajarangi Bhaijaan is doing Tubelight no good as it is impossible to get to that level. The lead of the film, Salman Khan, still looks unconvincing and that’s where the director’s effort is needed the most.

Check out the trailer below. Tubelight is going to hit cinemas worldwide on June 23, just before the Eid holiday. Let’s see if it can repeat the magic of Bajarangi Bhaijaan again or not.