Tubelight Movie Teaser TalkThe first glimpse of Salman Khan’s Tubelight is out via a teaser. And we have to say if not for the experience and track record of the director at the helm this is a project that runs the risk of becoming an utter crap.

In an inept director’s hand, Tubelight’s content inevitably runs the risk of a becoming a well-intentioned movie turning bad. Luckily that is not that case, and Kabir Khan once again looks to extract the best out of Salman Khan, the actor. If the movie turns out alright, it would surely be a proud film for the fans. Could this meet the high standards of Bajarangi Bhaijaan, it might be tough though based on this preview.

Check out the teaser below. Tubelight is new Salman Khan presentation for Eid. It arrives in cinemas worldwide on June 23 just before the Eid festival.