Ranveer singh -Deepika padukone engagementThere had been many rumors surrounding top Bollywood heroine Deepika Padukone regarding her relationship with her beau Ranvir Singh. Though they never officially confirmed their relationship status, many are sure that they are lovers.

When veteran actress Hema Malini congratulated ‘Deepika’ on her engagement and wished her for bright future ahead, the Twitterati were left surprised because Deepika got engaged secretly while everyone was thinking that she is shooting for her international project ‘xXx, The Xander Cage’.

Immediately, there had been a lot activity on Twitter enquiring on Deepika’s secret engagement. Knowing about this, the senior actor later clarified that it’s not Deepika Padukone who got engaged but one of her follower on Twitter, Deepika. One namesake Deepika really created quite a stir on the social site.