Top-Actress-Anushka-Sharma-Slapped-Legal-Notice-for-YellingIt’s always good to be a little responsible as a citizen but not always advisable to act insensibly towards the privacy of others. Anushka and Virat Kohli are at the receiving end for posting a video on the social media in which Anushka is seen yelling at a Mumbai guy for littering plastic on roads.

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Anushka was heavily trolled for her overaction as many felt that she can’t humiliate someone like that. Her hubby, Virat Kohli was trolled for sharing the video for free credit. Apart from this, Anushka was even advised to wear a proper dress without showing her back. Now, the guy in the video has slapped a legal notice on the couple demanding an apology.

Though the celebrity is yet to receive the notice, it’s clear that they are not getting support from people for spreading a message to be responsible. On the contrary, the entire episode is seen as an attention-grabbing gimmick. Well, spreading awareness is good but the way they chose was definitely not correct.

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