"These Old Heroes Want Young Girls"- Dia MirzaHow does the film industry work in India? the heroes only shine as they get older the actresses fade away with their increasing age. A 50-year-old star can pay the hero role in the film, and forget about the actresses playing a heroine role at that age. Well, disgusting the same tradition, the comeback actress claims a new system to be brought up in the industry.

After a very long time, Dia Mirza has made a film in Bollywood and with her comeback, she shares how difficult it is to get good roles in the film being a 30 plus actress. Actresses who hit their 30s have the opportunities shrinking as the filmmakers along with the heroes who have passed their 50s want to work with young actresses.

The 36-year-old actress apparently has been fighting about six years for a good opportunity. She was tired of looking for apt offers and finally got the call from Rajkumar Hirani for Sanju. The actress plays the wife of Sanjay Dutt in the film and is hoping this film to be a good opening for her just resumed career.