Salman Khan, Salman Khan Rape Victim, Rape Remakrs, Salman Khan Arnab Goswami, Arnab Goswami fires Salman Khan, Arnab Goswami Rape DebateSalman Khan is once again in news but for a very sensitive reason this time. Comments made by him comparing himself to a rape victim have created a huge ruckus all over.

The national media is hell bent on making him apologize and are conducting several tv shows and trashing him big time. But things got hugely ugly when the king of journalists, Arnab Goswami got into the picture and blasted Salman and questioned is this ‘Being Human’?

Time and again Arnab spoke some harsh words against Salman and maintained through the program that the actor should have been dragged to the court. Salman father Salman Khan asked “Why should Salman apologise or clarify? Where is the need to do that? Now the only thing left to do is to hang Salman Khan, that is the only thing left to do. Media wants to create controversy, they want these kind of news to run their channels and newspapers. Look at Arnab Goswami, looks like today he is the most powerful man of the country, he was screaming his lungs out.”

Arnab once again targeted him by saying why Bollywood is silent for his insensitive comments. The only solace of the show was actress Nagma who tried hard to defend Salman but lost out in the volcano of words from Arnab Goswami. Will Salman come out and apologise? May be not.

Watch Arnab Goswami’s debate on Salman Khan’s rape remarks below;