The-Invisible-Guest-Must-Watch-Remake-on-Its-WayFor those who watched the original Spanish thriller ‘The Invisible Guest’, it’s understood why we are saying that Taapsee Pannu had hit a jackpot when she was roped in to play one of the leads of the Hindi remake of this edge-of-the-seat thriller.

The Spanish movie was a thriller in true sense as it was well made right from the first frame to the last one. Speaking about the climax twist, one must say that it was mind-blowing which leaves the audiences walk away with an awesome feeling after watching an intriguing thriller.

So, Taapsee has turned the lucky actress who bagged a substantial role, once again. The actress’ choice of movies is making her special amidst those heroines who are there only for the glamour show. Acclaimed director Sujoy Ghosh who is adept at handling thrillers has come on board to helm the project.