Taapsee-PannuIf we believe the latest rumours on Taapsee’s engagement, we must also believe that she must have been engaged 10 years ago. Rumour has got it that Taapsee was engaged in a secret ceremony to her longtime boyfriend, badminton player Mathias Boe.

But, Taapsee clarified in a tweet that last time her parents went to Goa was 10 years ago and hence, her rumoured engagement must have happened 10 years ago. That means, she slammed the rumours as baseless about her secret engagement in the presence of her parents. She was surprised that she wasn’t invited for her own engagement. Pun intended!

Earlier, Mathias Boe’s name had been circulating in the media circles as Taapsee’s boyfriend. In the recent past, the rumours took back seat as they were said not to be seeing each other. Once again, Taapsee’s alleged boyfriend name surfaced which look baseless as we can clearly see that Taapsee is too busy making her career.