Taapsee Pannu Hits Hard on the MediaThere is one actress in Bollywood who never minces words when it comes to taking a dig at the way there are double standards. Currently, the issue which took upon was about the leaked pics of Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan.

Mahira Khan, the Pakistani actress was seen smoking and wearing a backless top. Bollywood heartthrob, young hero Ranbir Kapoor was also there with her in the leaked pics. We know the ways of the world and how some people can turn judgemental. Mahira Khan was trolled big time for her backless top and some jobless people used cheap words.

Responding on this latest issue, Taapsee Pannu observed how some people click pics and leak them because they have a smartphone with a camera and start behaving like paparazzi. She asked such people get a life. Just, bang on Taapsee. According to Taapsee, it has become really difficult for actors to lead a normal life, these days.