Surprising-Statement-From-Shahrukh-KhanWe have always seen our superstars speaking tall saying that they would like to breathe their last while they are still acting. Contrary to this, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan made a surprise statement that said, “I don’t like doing films, now. Will do films only when it comes from my heart.” So, we don’t know when he would announce his next.

This superstar has been sailing through a rough phase in his career. His recent releases haven’t been box-office wonders or even super hits. Especially, his last release ‘Zero’ was a big disappointment for not only his fans but also for the Superstar. He took great pains to play the dwarf role in the movie but somehow it failed to enthuse the audiences.

Since then, though Shahrukh has been listening to scripts, approximately a score in number, he liked only a couple of them but, he isn’t in a mood to give his official nod to those projects. He doesn’t want to decide until he feels like doing it, i.e., acting. This shows how deeply was he affected by the fate of his recent movies.