Superstar Aamir Khan's Secret Out, Finally! There is one actor in Indian Cinema who is known for the way he experiments with every role and how he is ever ready to take up challenges. That’s the reason why he is tagged as Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood. Even this talented actor has a reservation regarding the camera angles.

There is a secret clause in all of his contracts. One doesn’t understand why Aamir Khan is so afraid of low camera angles that he keeps this clause for every film’s contract. This clause wasn’t added recently. Right from his initial days, Aamir has been getting this ‘no low angle shot’ clause inked in his contracts.

A low angle shot is used to make the person look stronger and powerful. Normally, the camera is placed at the feet of the subject to capture the person in a way that he looks larger than he really is. The reasons for Aamir’s restriction to this low angle shot are better known to him. Hmm!