super 30 movie trailer talkIt is not just difficult but impossible to see a “Star” act normal. The stardom and persona always come in the way. And, when it is a star like Hrithik Roshan, who holds a lot of appeal due to his physique, and looks, the challenge to be ‘normal’ increases manifolds.

In Super30 it is such a situation. Hrithik Roshan has taken up the challenge to play a rusty and earthy character for a lead. The idea is right and his transformation, regarding the looks, is fantastic. Having said that, his whole act still looks fake. A lot of the blame must go to the accent and the entire non-star ‘actors’ ensemble surrounding him.

The basic idea to make a biopic on Anand Kumar is right. However, Hrithik Roshan seems misfit despite putting in the best efforts. It has been the biggest problem with him since the start. His strength is his weakness as well that prevents him from working in all kind of films.

Super 30 could still be highly entertaining and inspiring. The dialogues seem great based on the sample from the trailer. Vikas Bahl, who has been previously removed as director facing “Me Too” allegations, is reinstated and credited so, as his name has been cleared by a committee looking into the matter.

Check out the trailer below. Super 30 hits screens worldwide on July 12th. It is a new Hrithik Roshan film after a long gap, and the trade is pinning high hopes on its success.