Sunny Leone InstagramActresses being trolled on the internet is quite common these days and both never give up. Of course, that is what keeps the flow to go on. Here is Sunny Leone trolled on the social media for a picture she shared on her account and it is not what one might think she could have done to be trolled.

She posted a picture where she looked absolutely beautiful, but the only thing fishy in the picture was that she was seen trying to make her tea using a lighter. Yes, it the lighter what made people think of her as beauty with no brains. Sunny wrote: “Please don’t try making tea with only a lighter!! It doesn’t work. Tried it…Done it…Failed!!! Lol”.

Obviously, one would fail if did what Sunny did. And the trollers took the space to make fun of the actress. One asked if she wanted to have the tea after a month, another suggested to try “agarbati” and some asked if she had common sense. Well, we do not know what Sunny, the mother of three, was thinking while posting this picture, but definitely, it didn’t go well.