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Sunny Leone Falls Prey @ Condom Ad

Sunny Leone Falls Prey Condom AdThere is one actress who can do complete justice whenever she gets a chance to feature in a condom advertisement and do you have any doubts that she could be the one and only Sunny Leone. Guys may find her hot in such condom ads.

What about women? Do they feel objectified when Sunny Leone gives sensual inviting expressions in such ads? That’s what the woman wing of the Republican Party of India (RPI) felt and they objected to Sunny Leone’s ad because of her hot expressions in which we see her in Indian attire delivering inviting expressions.

They took the issue to the Information & Broadcasting Ministry and asked the government to take action against the condom ad. Otherwise, they are ready to approach State Women’s Commission for the ban of the ad. The women’s wing of RPI thinks that the ad is unethical and against religion and spiritual values.

Then, how do women seduce their men? We wonder, how do they do it ethically and with spiritual values? A woman inviting her man (probably her husband) would be sensual anyway. Well, let’s leave the picture for them to fight.


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