Disha-Patani-InstagramDisha Patani is known to set Instagram on fire as she keeps dumping her hottest to the core bikini pictures online too frequently.

Especially as she started to endorse the garment brand, the actress flooded her Instagram with the brand’s bikini clicks which attracted trolls just as expected for any skin show posts as such.

But this time the kind of trolls that the actress’ post flaunting the same brand garment has attracted ironically strange trolls. Unlike every time, the actress posted a simple picture where she was sporting a very simple T-shirt as she invited fans for a meet in Chandigarh at the brand’s store.

But the people found this totally weird that there is absolutely no skin show in this post of the sexy lady. One even called it a miracle. “Oh they finally gave you a T-Shirt,” wrote one. There were more who reacted on why she is not wearing a bikini here but a tee. That’s sarcasm at peaks.