Hrithik Roshan kids Mercedes-BenzOnly recently we have read the news that Bollywood star hero Hrithik Roshan has gifted a Mercedes Benz to his maternal grandfather, who was very fond of that particular model. Now he gifted another Mercedes to his dear ones? Who?

Hrithik Roshan gifted a Mercedes Maybach S500 model to his sons Hridhaan and Hrehaan. Though they are only kids now, the doting father wanted his sons to have their own car and he also bought another car of the same model for himself.

Though Hrithik is divorced from his wife Suzanne Khan, they never missed the opportunity to be parents and even celebrated their son’s birthday together. Is it Hrithik’s habit to gift with swanky cars? If so, who would be the next one to get a car from Hrithk?