salman-khan-raped womanA star hero shoots for some wrestling scenes for his forthcoming release ‘Sultan’ and after the multiple angle shots to showcase liftings and thrusting the opponents to the ground, the star hero says he feels ‘like a raped woman’.

Who is that star? He is none other than Salman Khan, one of the most controversial Bollywood heroes. What does it mean ‘feeling like a raped woman’? Does someone who said this even know the gravity of an act like rape which is emotionally, mentally and physically torturing and shows utter disrespect for womanhood?

When Salman made this ‘feeling like a raped woman’ comment on Twitter, it didn’t go well even with his fans. Making a joke of an offense like rape isn’t appreciated at all. The way he made the comparison is disgusting to many and people aren’t interested to take his stupidity using such words.

Salman’s father took to Twitter and wrote whatever Salman said is wrong but not his intention. Check his tweets below;