Sridevi Daughter Jhanvi Kapoor MobbedLate Sridevi planned her daughter’s debut very meticulously by making sure that Jhanvi Kapoor made proper public appearances and got noticed by the people as the diva’s elder daughter. The girl was several times along with her mother.

Post her mother’s demise, Jhanvi is living up to the expectations the audiences have on her whenever she makes public appearances. Recently she was spotted at an eatery in Bandra, Mumbai and by the time she came out a small crowd has gathered shouting her name. The star kid had a sweet demeanour all the way though some of her fans were seen pulling her hand and mobbed her.

The video showing this small incident is going viral on the internet and she is winning hearts for the way she has handled the mob with a sweet smile. She has many features that make her look similar to her mother in appearance but this attitude is unique to her. Her parents must be proud.