Last week a picture of legendary actor Vinod Khanna went viral on social media which had the actor in quite a frail state presumably after a stint in the hospital. The picture was shared all across the internet leading to a pouring of good wishes as well as some distasteful rumours regarding the actor’s death.

This prompted his son Rahul Khanna to give a statement regarding the actor’s health wherein he said that although Vinod Khanna was hospitalised on Friday for severe dehydration, things were under control and he was doing better. Even the hospital Sir HN Reliance Foundation had given a statement along these lines and even requested privacy for the veteran actor. Now Vinod Khanna’s wife has echoed this statement and demanded the media outlets to let him be.

Posting a message on Facebook, Kavita has asked all media houses to “STOP POSTING VINOD KHANNA’S PHOTOS. Please don’t bother him.”