Sonarika Bhadoria Harassed with Obscene PicsStalkers don’t have any common sense when they target a particular girl and start harassing her. That might be their way. But, Manchu Vishnu’s heroine of ‘Edo Rakam Ado Rakam’ fame Sonarika Bhadoria isn’t the kind to keep quiet.

When an unknown 23 year old stalker from Maharashtra’s Kurkheda started sending abusive messages and also obscene pics for the actress, she couldn’t take it any longer as she had been bearing with the nuisance for over eight months.

Finally, she got the 23 year old student Swapnil Sahare arrested by the police when she has got fed up with the student’s obscene behavior and messages. It is reported that the person used to use different numbers whenever she blocked the number he had been using.