Sneha Ullal Left Films Due to Severe IllnessBeauty is extremely important part for any actress to keep up in the film industry. Falling sick is definitely a nightmare for an actress when she is in the start of her career.

Sneha Ullal who got that opportunity to star against a hero like Balakrishna in short period of entering the industry suddenly disappeared and has not been seen on screen for about four years. The heroine has now come back starting her second innings with a movie started by Ram Charan’s film Ayushman Bhava.

Sneha talking in an interview revealed the reason for her not seen on screen for so long. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder where the immune system of the body itself functions in destroying the cells. Sneha said that she fell week and couldn’t even come out looking ill. Fortunately, She is doing fine now and the disorder is now under control. We wish her a successful career ahead.