Singer, Sona Mohapatrs, Salman khan, singer Arijit Singh, twitter, tweet, Bhai, Bollywood, Hindi movies, Rape, raped woman,  Even before the fasad of singer Arijit Singh against Slaman not cooling down, yet another singer has created headlines when she made some shocking statements against the mega star for his comments on the rape victims.

The singer made headlines a short while ago when she tweeted saying “Women thrashed, people run over, wild life massacred and yet #hero of the nation. ‘Unfair’. India full of such supporters,”As soon as this went viral, Salman fans sprung into action and started abusing her in filthy language.

Salman has been all over the news when he made a shocking comments that he felt like a rape victim every time he started training for the film Sultan. Now that the singer has abused him on social media, fans have been giving her back and the war is still on.

The situation got out of control so much that Sona once again tweeted saying “Dear Bhai Chamcha’s, You continue to prove my point with every perverted, sick, cheap message you write to me.” Not recently, Arijit Singh faced a tough time and looks like now the renowned singer will have to face some tough times ahead.