Shruti Haasan Bulked up for Binny Arora! - Behen Hogi TereDo you know that Shruti Haasan had gained weight by including carbohydrates in her diet? Why? She is playing the role of Binny Arora in her upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Behen Hogi Tere?’ She is from a happy family and hence wanted to look healthy.

Nowadays, it became very common for the heroines to hit the gym to look healthy and fit for their appearance on the screen? Gaining weight is like a sin for those who are obsessed with sporting leaner look. When a character demanded Shruti to gain weight, the lady turned out to be quite a sport.

The trailer of Shruti Haasan starrer ‘Behen Hogi Teri?’ hit the right chord with the audiences. The cute love story and the ups and downs in the love life of Shruti and Rajkumar Rao make us want to watch the full movie in theatres. Shruti is looking really cute. Though she said she had gained weight, she didn’t look fat.