Shraddha-Kapoor---SaahoShraddha Kapoor is super excited about her next release and the most awaited Saaho just as the fans are. Well, she spoke of the hard training that she has undergone for the film to play the role of a super cop who uses the weapons with very ease. Now she speaks of her experience of playing the role of police for the first time.

Shraddha feels honored and privileged to play the police who protects the country. Also sharing bet experience of doing the hot action sequences, the actress says she loves doing them and holding the gun became a real habit for her.

She had the gun in her shoots so much that Shraddha used to search for it in the sets if it was not with her anytime.

She used to feel as if she lost her limb if the gun was not in her hands. Well, looks like we are going to have some real action seen in Saaho just as the makers said shown in the teaser. Let’s see.