shilpa-shetty-kundra-trolled-for-her-silly-interpretation-animal-farmSenior heroine Shilpa Shetty has joined the list of celebrities who with their dumbness became a fodder for the trolls online. She became one due to her poor knowledge of a classic book.

Recently it was speculated that books like Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter would be included in the school syllabus. It made few media outlets get in touch with celebs to find out their opinion. Shilpa Shetty said that it was a great idea and added further that Animal Farm should be included as well, as, it will teach kids how to treat animals with respect.

This recommendation shows how poor the actress was with respect to her interpretation and knowledge on books. Animal Farm was an allegory for Russian Revolution rather than about animal. The trolls on social media had a field day when they came to know about this.