shilpa-ShettyIt is quite common to see the senior actresses in slimming endorsements and there was also a lawsuit filed on one of the slimming institutes and the actresses who promoted them. Well, is actually expected from the actors to be honest in promoting something but how many do that? This actress does.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra is an inspiration to many for how she maintains her slim body even at this age. She can drive men crazy still with her sexy and perfect curves. Her yoga instruction video has also gone viral back then. Man! she looks so hot doing those postures. Well, she is the best personality to be cast in any slimming advertisement and an Ayurveda company got a 10 crore deal which turned down without hesitation.

According to reports, she was approached to promote a slimming pill and she humbly rejected the offer. She says, she won’t speak of something that she doesn’t believe. Shilpa says, these pills and similar medications might give an instant result but the strict diet and healthy lifestyle is the best method to see long term results. Well said. Agree?