Shahrukh Khan Fan Deer Chappals, Shahrukh Khan Fan Deer Chappals Arrested, Shahrukh Khan Fan Deer Chappals Arrested Pakistan,Shahrukh Fan Deer Skin ChappalsLike we have wildlife acts in our country, even in Pakistan, it is illegitimate to use deer skin. When a die-hard fan of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan claimed that he was going to make special chappals for the superstar with deer skin, then it is definitely going to be taken seriously.

As per the story that is reported, one of Shahrukh Khan’s relative wanted to gift Shahrukh Khan with a pair of famous Peshawar Chappals. So, he went to a shoemaker Jahangir Khan to get the specials chappals made. Jahangir Khan turned out to be a die-hard fan of Shahrukh Khan, who boasted to make the chappals using deer skin.

When officials got this news, they immediately arrested Jahangir Khan and put him behind bars. This is a big lesson for all those crazy fans who try to go to any length for the sake of their on screen deities. It’s time, the superstars address this issue.