Senior Star Rishi Kapoor Bats For Alcohol Relaxation During LockdownA senior star from Bollywood is getting trolled, and there is a valid reason for it. Rishi Kapoor, the father of youth star Ranbir Kapoor, has said that the sale of alcohol must be continued during the lockdown as well.

According to Rishi Kapoor, since alcohol is anyway getting sold in black, it would be better for everyone (including the government) if the same is done legally. He adds that the government could provide relaxation for sale from licensed stores for some time in the evening. Rishi Kapoor further says it would help people have a release from all the surrounding depression.

The actor got immediately trolled for the comments. In the times of lockdown, it (alcohol) should be the last thing on mind, many replied. Of course, there were a few who said that Rishi is just putting it out what many think inside.

Rishi Kapoor is always known for his frank opinion and mincing no words attitude. He had also only recently called for an “Emergency” to be declared by the government of India. There have many other such controversial opinions from him in the past, as well. However, in this case, do you agree with him?