Senior-Actress-Rani-Mukerji-Lifts-It-but-Second-Half-Kills-ItMardaani 2 as expected turned out to pass a good crime thriller or an edge of a seat thriller. The protagonist, Rani Mukerji, as usual, lived the role of the police officer, Shivani Shivaji Roy and killed the performance to the core. It is she who lifts the film but the second half and its lengthy lecture on gender equality and woman empowerment kill it.

On the whole, as expected the film went pretty well into the audience with good word of mouth owing to the result of the first series. But it has got a mixed response out there leaving it as not a blockbuster but an average outing. However, all are in full praises of the actress Rani Mukerji and the antagonist, Vishal Jethwa for their stunning performances as the cop and criminal.

Vishal Jethwa took away a lot of credit for his charmingly evil performance and this is going to give the TV actor a big name to perfection the villain roles like a pro. The film which was released on Friday deals with the story of an intelligent cop chasing down a psycho rapist.