Sanju -movie Trailer TalkThere is an immense hype surrounding the biopic of controversial star Sanjay Dutt. The teaser out a few weeks ago was a mixed bag, but the trailer has cleared all the doubts. It hits it out of the park.

If one can get past the apparent glorification and whitewashing of the controversial star, there are enough moments packed in the trailer that hints at a robust and engaging content. Director Raju Hirani’s touch looks evident all over the trailer. The writing too seems to be solid from the glimpses provided.

Usually, Raju Hirani has weaker trailers, but here he has got it right barring few over the top moments. Ranbir Kapoor and rest of the cast looks like in top form. Will India’s most loved director deliver another blockbuster? Check out the trailer below. Sanju hits the screens worldwide on June 29, in exactly a month.