Sanju-Trailer---Ranbir-KapoorEarlier, filmmakers used to fear controversies and tried to keep the content of the film a dispute proof project. But now, it is the time for controversial films. If the film has a controversial bit, then you can guarantee the free and dense publicity of the film. Here is another one whose trailer has got a flood of clicks yet again after a while of its release.

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Ranbir Kapoor’s “Sanju” has got a good hype for its interesting content and the excellent deliverable of the hero. Well, the trailer was already a hit and a debate made it get a revision of the clicks all of a sudden. Remember that toilet overflowing scene in the trailer? A prison activist found it offensive and has written a complaint to the CBFC to take appropriate action on the filmmakers for damaging the prisons’ and the officials’ image.

On the other side, the filmmakers are obviously defending their “creative shot” of the toilet. Now, people who come across this controversy are going back to check out the trailer and the ones who missed the scene in their first watch are clicking the video again to check out the same. See, the controversy only added an advantage of more clicks and free publicity. All hail controversy!

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