Sanjay Dutt Put Drugs in His Shoes to Avoid Airport SecuritySanjay Dutt was recently seen at an addiction awareness event by Young FICCI Ladies Organisation where he talked about his misspent youth and advised the youngsters today to stay away from drugs.

Sanjay shared some of his own experiences with drugs and recalled that he was addicted to them quite early. He started when a friend of his advised him that taking drugs would make talking to women easier. When his mother was being treated for cancer and he himself was working on his debut film Rocky, Sanjay used to be high all the time. Dutt remembers that he was so addicted that once when he was flying out with his sisters, he carried around a Kg of heroin and put it in his shoes to avoid security.

Not only this, the actor also recalled how after one drug binge he slept unawares for two days straight! It was then that he had a realisation and went to his father for help.

Sanjay Dutt talked more on how addiction is a sickness and gave the advice that it is much better to be high on life than any other substance.