Sanjay Dutt-complains-on worst-treatment-in jailContrary to the lot of hue and cry over the preferential treatment actor Sanjay Dutt got in jail, the actor says that he got worst treatment in jail, worse than others. The normal inmates were lucky compared to the treatment he got in Jail says the star hero.

The worst part of the jail was the food. He says that the food they give the prison inmates isn’t edible and pathetic. He was given the same kind of clothes like the other inmates but was confined to a solitary cell. So nothing special actually came his way while in jail says Sanjay Dutt.

The actor is now totally free and he says the concept of freedom didn’t sink in. It would take time to understand that he is a free man now. Even while in jail, the actor was out several times, either on parole or furlough, which gave rise to a lot of criticism and controversy on preferential treatment. But Dutt denies any such favoritism towards him in the jail.