Sandeep-Reddy-Vanga---Kabir-SinghSandeep Vanga has become a familiar name both in the South and the North with just one film proving that the right content and sound script can get you all the fame in one go.

His film, Arjun Reddy the story of a young man with anger management issues is being remade in a couple of other languages Kabir Singh being the first version to get a release date.

As Kabir Singh starring Shahid Kapoor is nearing its release date, June 21, Sandeep Reddy and his hero started to receive the same comments and questions that his original Arjun Reddy did. Questioning the bold content, drugs, alcoholism, addiction to wrong stuff, toxic masculinity display, the kissing scenes and so on. The director is following the same defense theme that he did for the Telugu version.

He participated in various debates and face-offs before the release of Arjun Reddy which took all of those haters and the controversies by storm with the immense acceptance of the audience. Even for Kabir Singh, there has been a lot of positive response to the promotional material release and Sandeep just separates his film from those showing women bare and half naked. “There is no bum or cleavage shot”, he says and the Hindi audience is also likely to buy Sandeep’s work with lots of love.