Salman Khan, Salman Khan Killed Akashdeep Saigal, Salman Khan Killed Akashdeep Saigal Career, Salman Khan Killed Kills Akashdeep Saigal CareerSalman Khan is the king of controversies. Nevertheless, he seems to be not so disturbed by the number of controversies that he is involved in. The present one is the accusation of a small time actor who alleges that Salman Khan killed his career.

Akashdeep Saigal, a TV actor was one of the participants in the 5th season of Salman Khan’s ‘Big Boss’ in 2011. But there had been a spat between the small actor and megastar Salman Khan during the show. Akashdeep alleged that the megastar hit him during the show.

Akashdeep’s career literally came to a halt after the Big Boss show. The actor says Salman Khan had roped in a PR team just to destroy his career. Though he had moved on, the actor doubts if Salman Khan had moved on. Let’s wait for Salman Khan’s version to the allegations of Akashdeep.