Salman khan  he has not gifted me any car to daisy shahThere has been a rumour making rounds that Bollywood superstar Salman Khan gifted an expensive car to one of his girl friends recently. She is his co-star in the film ‘Jai Ho’, the remake of Chiranjeevi’s ‘Stalin’. Daisy and Salman have been friends since the actor started promoting her.

However, genuinely surprised Daisy Shah clarified that Salman hasn’t gifted her any car. This rumour might have gone around because, Salman is like her mentor and also the person who supported her in the film industry. Moreover she is a regular at the family functions.

She owes her career to Salman Khan who is known to be that kind of person who never neglects or forgets his friends. It’s not only Daisy Shah, many other Bollywood actresses who were introduced by Salman are still friends with him. For example we have Katrina Kaif.