Salman Khan Fans Have Last Laugh Over Priyanka ChopraThe fans of Bollywood star Salman Khan are having the last laugh and so could be the unit of the Bharat, the upcoming film of the star. And the reason for that is heroine Priyanka Chopra.

As many knows, Priyanka Chopra had left the Bollywood biggie in the last minute, just days before she was set to join the shoot. She ditched the project for a Hollywood movie featuring a big star. It turns out the Hollywood biggie has been put on hold temporarily by the production house. The earlier announced release date has been canceled.

Fans of Salman Khan were furious and trolled Priyanka Chopra relentlessly when she left the film. Now that the Hollywood venture has stopped, they are having the last laugh. We have to see if the Hollywood movie takes off even if its delayed by a few months or not.