Salman-KhanBalayya has been in news in many instances with his unusual and aggressive behaviour with his fans when irritated. He slaps, abuses, pushes also smashed one’s phone once. Well looks like the B-Town hero got inspired by our Balayya at such a disturbing incident.

Wednesday Salman Khan was accused of snatching the mobile phone of a journalist who was constantly filming the actor on the road as he was cycling to Yash Raj Studios for a promotional shoot. It is a common glance for the people who live around to see Salman cycling on the roads as the hero loves to go on such rides once in a while.

Now this incident where he actually snatched the phone of the videographer has made a mess on social media. But, there is another story from a passerby who says, Salman Khan, warned the men who were filming him not to and so did his bodyguards. But the men pretended as if they are no longer recording him but continued.

This made Salman snatch their phone but later gave it to his bodyguards who returned it to the guy. Yet the journo registered a case against the actor. Well, putting what’s right or wrong aside, this act reminded us of Balayya who looks like to have inspired the Bollywood star.