salam-khan-dating-amy-jackson-truth-behind-2-0-uninvited-visitThere had been many alleged relationships which turned out to be passing clouds for Bollywood megastar Salman Khan. Who is the latest actress who is in the good books of the star hero? How did his recent move add fuel to the already existing rumors?

Salman’s uninvited presence at the first look launch of Rajinikanth’s ‘2.0‘ was considered not a genuine one. Though he said he came for the sake of meeting the superstar, rumors have that he actually came for the sake of Amy Jackson. The duo are said to be in an alleged relationship now.

After Salman’s alleged breakup with his rumored Romanian girlfriend Lulia Vantoor, it is said that he has been dating Amy Jackson who he met for the promo event of Salman’s production venture ‘Freaky Ali’. But, Salman is very famous for helping actresses by giving them a big break like he did in Katrina Kaif’s case. Is it mere friendship or an alleged relationship?