Salman Khan Comments on Virginity AgainSalman Khan became the talking point of the entire nation with his virgin dialogue in the famous Koffee with Karan show. When asked if he was a virgin the star said yes and this sparked off a discussion that Salman thinks all are fools and keeps his virginity secret by saying so.

Once again, the same thing has happened on this year’s Koffee with Karan show as shown in the teasers. Karan once again asks Salman “Are you still a virgin?” to which the Khan replies, “Nothing has changed!”

But things get funny when he says to Karan “So are you, Karan!” rounding off the topic. This year’s show will be extra special as all the three Khan brothers including Sohail and Arbaaz have attended the show.

The teasers of this show have gone viral and once again the social media is making fun of Salman and his virginity status as to how many more times the star will be making fool of himself.