Salman-Khan-caught-with-body-double-for-stuntsAction sequences in a movie are the most fascinating things for fans. But we know that the stars can’t shoot for all the risky sequences. They use a body double when the risk factor is more. Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is also clicked with his body double while shooting for some stunt sequences.

He is playing a wrestler in his upcoming movie ‘Sultan’ and obviously there will be some action sequences besides the wrestling scenes. Salman was seen in a red tee-shirt and denim pants and his body double was also wearing a similar outfit.

Though Salman Khan allowed himself to be clicked with his body double, not all will allow that. It’s a known fact about body doubles, still the actors maintain secrecy and refrain from talking about them. But Salman seems be having no qualms to be clicked with his body double.