Salman Khan Bodyguards Face the Wrath of BossIt is the bodyguards that stay close to the celebs and witness all the personal and professional life of the star. But what if they take the advantage of the same and leak the personal information of the star to the media? and it no ordinary whose info is leaked.

People know very well how Salman’s anger would burn the opposite into ashes. Well, his bodyguards know that more. Yet three of Sallu Bhai’s bodyguards had to face the wrath of the Khan. Salman Khan fired three of his bodyguards for leaking his personal information to the media.

He retained Shera, the bodyguard who has been loyal to the boss for about fifteen years. Sallu Bhai has also fired his manager Reshma Shetty in the recent past for invading his family life by not letting his sibling Sohail to meet him. Looks like Salman is frustrated with such incidents and decides to restructure his staffing.