Salman Khan - BhagyashreeYesteryear sensational heroine and one film wonder Bhagyashree of ‘Prema Pavuraalu’ fame shared a story of Salman Khan who made her believe that she was amongst people who she can trust and be safe.

During the making of ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ (dubbed as ‘Prema Pavuraalu’ in Telugu), a photographer wanted to take advantage as she was a newcomer. He asked Salman to grab her and smooch her without prior permission from her.

Bhagyashree was listening to this conversation without the other two knowing that she there. Salman Khan immediately refused and made it clear that he wouldn’t do any such thing without Bhagyashree’s permission.

Newcomers in the film industries, especially, actresses have different experiences altogether as they would be in total insecurity regarding their safety and confusion over who to be trusted.

By the way, Bhagyashree is going to be seen playing a crucial role in Prabhas’ next movie with director Radha Krishna Kumar.