Sacred-Games---Netflix's-First-Indian-Made-Series-in-a-Legal--Mess-AlreadyNetflix proudly presented the first Indian made original web series, Sacred Games cast by famous Bollywood celebrities. And the series which is not even a week old has bagged quite a few controversies for the sex scenes and the foul language used. Now the web series has gone to another level in controversy by landing in a legal mess for the trials on political history in the episode.

The member of Congress, Rajiv Sinha has filed a complaint against the show and the cast along with the makers quoting that Nawazuddin Siddiqui abused the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi as he as the don in the series called the late PM “Fattu” which is translated to “pussy” in the subtitles. He pointed out that the series is misrepresenting the facts of political history.

The complaint of the serial crossing all limits of decency has been taken by the Kolkata’s Police with the further investigation to commence. Controversies are boon for the filmmakers these days. More the controversy, the more the publicity. Possibly, the same would happen with Sacred Games.