Saaho-Trailer---Shraddha-KapoorNot only Telugu but also the Hindi audience is closely following the Saaho updates and the film crew is shooting vigorously for the project to be ready for the release as scheduled. The team has just finished a long schedule of shooting in Abu-Dhabi where the most crucial scenes involving breathtaking action sequences involving all the lead actors are covered.

The film team along with Prabhas are expected to return soon and with the next schedule of shoot ready, a section of Bollywood media is very much worried about Shraddha being not seen in the Abu-Dhabi shooting sets. With this, they came up with speculations that the actress’s role might not be of great importance and wouldn’t be seen in the trailer.

Oh please, don’t you think it is too early to jump to conclusions? Well, the release date is still a long way to go and a lot of shoots will follow before the release. On top of that, it common in big star trailers that we see very little of the heroine including the shots, and it is too early for such speculations based on Dubai schedule. There is a long way to go for the release date and a lot of shoots will happen before the release for Shraddha to make her contribution.