RGV-Wants-to-Redo-The-Latest-Blockbuster-Sanju!Watching ‘Sanju’ was an experience for Bollywood movie lovers in which director Raju Hirani presented the life of Sanjay Dutt in a heart-touching manner, though the audiences know about Sanjay Dutt’s life journey as an actor and also as a convict.

Now, RGV who watched ‘Sanju’ wants to tell the story of the controversial actor without whitewashing the image he had as a criminal who was sentenced to jail, unlike Raju Hirani who had sugarcoated Sanjay Dutt’s arrest and imprisonment. RGV has a valid point as it’s a known thing that ‘Sanju’ was made in the favor of the actor.

After delivering an all-time disaster for Nagarjuna in the form of ‘Officer’, will Ram Gopal Varma bounce back? There are hardly any hopes but he wants to redo the latest blockbuster that has been minting money and grossed more than Rs 325 crores alone in the domestic market. The worldwide collections are even bigger.