It Is the Real Home of  Sachin Tendulkar in the FilmIt is difficult to recreate all the real life moments for a biopic. But, if the original locales are used for to shoot the scenes, it looks so natural and it would look as if we are witnessing the story of our favorite celebrity in front of us.

Sachin: A Billion Dreams is being made as original as it could be. There is no fiction added in the story and the scenes are made to show them as natural as they can. As a part of keeping the essence of originality of Sachin’s life story, the filmmakers have shot the childhood parts of Sachin in his actual house in Mumbai where he has grown. The colony and house are real places featured in the film.

Talking about the Sachin Sachin chant, Sachin revealed that he heard the chant very first time from his mom where she used to chant his name to call him who was playing out back to home. It is quite interesting to know the facts of your favorite star’s life. Isn’t it?