Mahmood Farooqui,Mahmood Farooqui American Woman Rape, Mahmood Farooqui American Woman Rape Case Proved,Mahmood Farooqui American Woman Rape Case PunishmentThe assistant director of Aamir Khan Productions ‘Peepli Live’ Mahmood Farooqui was convicted for raping an American woman in 2015. She was a research scholar who came to India for the same purpose.

The American lady met the assistant director in Varanasi and later even went to Southern Delhi to get some help for her research work. The woman alleged that Farooqui raped her at Sukhdev Vihar House on 28th March last year. The victim went to US and later returned to India to lodge complaint on the convicted.

The decision of the court went in favour of the Ameican woman. Since he is convicted, a definite punishment will be pronounced on the rapist on 2nd August. Farooqui’s wife Anusha Rizvi was the director of ‘Peepli Live’ for which he had been assistant director.